1980’s Rock and Roll

This gallery features images of rock and roll legends that I photographed during the 1980’s. At this time I combined my love of photography and music together and set out to photograph as many rock concerts as possible; documenting a great time period and capturing some very special moments in the history of popular music. I have culled down these select images from hundreds of rolls of film. Stored away for some thirty years, these images have been brought back to life. Each image was scanned and restored to ensure a faithful representation of the original film based image. Enjoy!

Stevie Ray Vaughan

Stevie Ray Vaughan


Warren Zevon

The Who

Tom Petty

Johnny Winter

Jerry Garcia

Jerry Garcia

Bob Dylan

DYlan Woods and Richards

Bob Dylan


Chrissy Hynde

Boy George


The Clash

Bo Diddley

Eric Clapton

Neil Young

Joel Springsteen

Simon Springsteen


Roy Buchanon

Led Zepplin

B.B. King